Create, organize and share design & code patterns with your team

Patternry is a tool for building a shared front-end resource. It helps UX designers, developers & managers work effectively together and build software with great User Experience.

Copy-Paste HTML + CSS patterns

UX Designer

Patternry is a perfect tool for a UX designer who needs to share his work for others in a team. Be it either a style guide, design pattern library, collection of wireframes for a specific project, it is easy to set up with Patternry. It saves UX designer’s time as he doesn't need to explain every detail and idea in a wireframe. He may just point to patterns and guidelines for details.

Live HTML & CSS editing


A shared pattern library works as a great starting point for development and helps build consistent interfaces. Patterns explain the idea behind the design and the interactions in detail while live examples and code help to speed up the development. Patternry allows developers to focus on coding and building better, consistent user interfaces in less time.

Use the Twitter Bootstrap stylesheet


Manager understands the business value his projects provide to customers, but he doesn't know how to turn his knowledge into great interfaces. He is somewhat familiar with the technologies the company uses, but doesn't know all the technical limitations and possibilities that affect interface design and implementation. Patterns help him communicate with designers, developers and customers.