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4 patterns found for tag showing-data


Content groups pattern is about grouping content into logically titled sections. Well organized content allows people to scan information easily and get quickly an overview of the content on the p...

Written by: Janne Lammi

Content Groups


The most common way to handle large data sets on websites is to use Search Pagination pattern. Endless scrolling provides an alternative way to get to additional content. When the user scrolls dow...

Written by: Janne Lammi

Endless Scrolling


Horizontal Module Tabs separates content into different panes, and the panes can be viewed one at a time. Tabs are arranged horizontally above (sometimes below) the content, and the selected tab i...

Written by: Janne Lammi

Horizontal Module Tabs


Information dashboard organizes and presents the most important information from large amounts of data in a way that it is easy to read and understand for the user. Dashboards summarize informatio...

Written by: Janne Lammi

Information Dashboard