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4 patterns found for tag feedback

Progress bar tells the user the application is busy doing something and she needs wait. It should be used especially when the action in progress takes more than few seconds to complete to keep the...

Created: Janne Lammi, March 25, 2012

Progress Bar


Messages are a way to provide feedback to users. Success messages tell people they have successfully completed a task, for example submitted a form. Error messages let people know that something...

Created: Janne Lammi, March 25, 2012

Feedback Messages


Rating is an easy way for users to voice their opinion about a certain object. These objects can be physical products, services, or virtual items such as images, videos and articles. Users are inv...

Created: Johannes Hocksell, Jan. 24, 2011



Highlighting (a.k.a., spotlighting) is an effective but subtle way to draw attention to a change in the interface. For instance, instead of showing a message telling people that their item was add...

Created: Janne Lammi, July 8, 2010

Spotlight Effect