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7 patterns found for tag contextual-tools


Rating is an easy way for users to voice their opinion about a certain object. These objects can be physical products, services, or virtual items such as images, videos and articles. Users are inv...

Created: Johannes Hocksell, Jan. 24, 2011



User Card pops out when hovering over someone’s profile picture or display name. It is a small panel presenting a larger version of the user’s display image, the user’s full display na...

Created: Johannes Hocksell, Nov. 16, 2010

User Card


Inline edit allows the user to edit text directly in the page without requiring going to a separate page. It makes the interaction more direct and intuitive as the user can edit the text in the sa...

Created: Janne Lammi, Sept. 26, 2010

Inline Edit


Hover-Reveal Tools allows user to interact directly with the content. Hover-Reveal Tools are contextual tools that are shown when the user hovers over an element that has tools available. Hiding t...

Created: Janne Lammi, July 8, 2010

Hover-Reveal Tools


Contextual Tools, like Always-Visible Tools, allow user to interact directly with the content. Like the name says, Always-Visible Tools are always visible instead of hiding them until the user nee...

Created: Janne Lammi, July 8, 2010

Always-Visible Tools


Show only the most essential features/content up front, and hide the rest. Reveal secondary elements “inline” when requested by the user. Travelstart flight booking service BBC: Tools fo...

Created: Janne Lammi, June 14, 2010

Inline Expand


Radial menu provides available actions in a context-sensitive, circular popup menu made of several pie slices. It gets activated when the user clicks on an item that can be manipulated. Songza pro...

Created: Janne Lammi, June 14, 2010

Radial Menu