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Patternry is the best way to store design & code assets for your product. Design patterns, guidelines, screenshots, living code examples, discussions and more.

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Reuse design & code

Patternry is built on the idea of reusable building blocks that make developers’ and designers’ life easier. Patternry helps you to reuse design & code created for your product. HTML5, CSS3 (LESS, Sass & SCSS), JavaScript and major frameworks supported.

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Connecting Designers & Devs

Patternry is a one-stop place for the entire product team. It contains the guidelines, examples and code snippets your designers, developers and product owners need to build great products.

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Designing consistent user experiences shouldn’t be that hard

Patternry makes it easier to design consistent & cohesive user experiences and speeds up design and development workflows. A style guide communicates how your product should look and feel in a very concrete way. It helps your team to speak a common language and encourages collaboration between designers and developers.

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